Digital Campaign – What makes it Right?

Online advertising is unlike any other mode of marketing communication. Here, you not only have the flexibility of choosing the right platforms to communicate about your brands, products and services but you also can get into the specifics of demography the ad needs to be targeted to as well as the format / type of the ad to each of the target audience segment. But, the challenge is to pick the right platforms suitable for your brand communication which will ensure visibility to the right target segments. So, how to decide that?

Let’s take the #ThisGirlCan campaign by Sport England which received an overwhelming response by reaching 2.8M women of which 1.6M women said they started exercising as a routine inspired by the campaign.

What did they do right?

– Understand your brand thoroughly

o If you want to promote women fitness, your brand communication needs to centered around Women and Fitness rather than overall fitness strategy which would involve men, teen and professional sportspersons as well which would then kill the central focus.

o #ThisGirlcan campaign was about promoting women fitness and increase awareness about regular exercise routine to stay healthy and fit. And hence the campaign hit the target segment right with the campaign name itself – This Girl Can which involved the exact audience set they wanted to target. The campaign did not become “Everyone can” which was not the intention at all even if it meant inclusion of a broader spectrum of audience segments.

– Pick the target segments who are your potential customers

o If you are planning to launch Women Sportwear brand, then your target audience would be Women, age between 14 to 40 typically. Depending on the price of the sportswear range, your geographies can vary from urban to semi urban areas.

o Sports England developed a new range of clothing with Marks & Spencer to encourage women to get active. Marks & Spencer being a premium brand the target audience was aptly chosen to be Urban, Women, Age 14 – 40

– Decide the objective of the campaign

o This is an important step since the entire campaign structure depends on it. Based on what results you want to achieve for both brand recall and sale conversions the campaign communication would be decided.

o The objective of the #ThisGirlCan campaign being to promote awareness about women fitness, the campaign communication and visuals were about women of different regions, lifestyle and age practicing a fitness routine and completing tasks against fatigue and mental obstacles which typically is the case with normal women in their everyday life which was the actual objective to be achieved through the campaign.

– Identify online platforms which will enable you to reach your target segments both in terms of numbers and interest preferences

o By selecting the right platform you are ensuring the necessary reach and visibility for your campaign. Choosing a mens wear category page or a maybe an automobile website for the placement of this women fitness campaign would not have gotten the maximum reach or the required attention. It would have been a total No-No.

o #ThisGirlCan campaign did it right once again, since they chose Youtube and Facebook to promote their TVCs towards interest groups and right set of demography. They also chose extensive use of social media platforms such as twitter and instagram to make the hashtag trending and increase engagement. As a result, women who were inspired to take exercise routine seriously due to this campaign, started sharing their experiencing and participating in the campaign by further tagging their pictures and videos with #ThisGirlCan which made the whole campaign VIRAL.

– Stick to the original idea. Avoid deviating from the main objective

o There have been several examples where the campaign starts with a main objective and over a period of time, due to multiple brain storming sessions and brilliant ideas the communication changes which would probably still have the main campaign objective, but would also have other aspects a part of the communication not necessarily required for the campaign. We all know several examples for this scenario. Best one is the Levis – “New curve ID – Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes”. The only blunder was that, Levis just forgot to include all sizes and shapes; the communications all had skinny models rather than the otherwise normal women from a daily scenario.

o Here is where #ThisGirlCan did it right again. They captured every set of their audience, segment by segment. Their films had girls who are passionate sports professionals to tomboys with attitude to regular and independent women who otherwise simply enjoy a normal exercise routine or a sport only because they enjoy the lifestyle and they can; NOT because they are bothered or pressurized by any typicality set by other advertising campaigns to get skinny.

Tanya Joseph, the genius behind the most popular campaign for the year 2015-16 went on to win the marketer of the year award for ticking all the boxes right. In an expert interview she goes on to say, “The creative concept for This Girl Can was born from the insight that 75% of women would like to exercise more but do not because of fear of judgement, which prompted a shift in Sport England’s communication strategy. This Girl Can has demonstrated early on that by using these techniques you can, through a focus on the consumer, get people to start taking the kind of action you want them to take, raise the awareness of the issue and change attitudes. Women should feel comfortable about who they are and what they do.”

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